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  Our color services are  not just about changing your hair; they're about celebrating your uniqueness and embracing the magic of self-expression. Every appointment  is a journey into a world where your hair is a work of art, and you are the masterpiece. Intuitive touch and whimsical creativity unveil the colors of your dreams. Experience the enchantment of color that reflects your inner light and style. Your journey to vibrant, whimsical, and magical hair begins here!

  • Balayage and Dimensional Color
  • Grey Coverage and Blending
  • Gloss and Tone



Sovereign Mane redefines the haircut experience, seamlessly blending years of expertise with cutting-edge techniques to craft a personalized look inspired by your unique vision and hair goals. Our intuitive approach, coupled with an unwavering commitment to understanding your preferences, ensures that each visit results in a haircut that is uniquely tailored to you. Our innovative techniques and constant pursuit of the latest trends guarantee a one-of-a-kind outcome. We are driven by your inspiration, and our goal is to create a hairstyle that leaves you saying, "I've never had a haircut like that!" in the best way possible. Join us on this unique journey of intuitive hairstyling and discover a haircut that captures your essence, making you feel exceptional and confident.
  • Women's Cuts Only​
Untitled design-3.png
Untitled design-3.png


At Sovereign Mane, we're not your run-of-the-mill salon; we're your style revolution headquarters! We go way beyond the ordinary cut and color routine to unleash your inner Icon. Get ready to turn heads with our arsenal of special features. Want to channel those effortlessly tousled vibes? Our body waves will give you that effortlessly cool edge. Need to up your hair game? Our extensions will have you strutting with luscious locks that demand attention. Our makeup consultations aren't for the faint-hearted; they're here to turn you into a makeup maven. Dive into one-on-one beauty sessions that'll make you the ruler of your beauty kingdom. And if you've ever wondered what colors truly set your soul on fire, our color analysis has you covered. At Sovereign Mane, we're all about defying the ordinary and celebrating your unique style. Unleash your inner icon with us!
  • Beauty One On One's
  • Body Wave
  • Extensions


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